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Couples Therapy

A strong couple is a foundation for healthy individual well-being, as well as for parent-child, extended family, and work relationships. People in healthy couples enhance each other's mental health, connection, physical health, well-being, and resiliency. But relationships don't come with instruction or repair manuals, and they are impacted not only by individual personalities but also by countless external factors out of the couples' control. Rewarding and resilient relationships take work - and all couples can benefit from couples counseling throughout the many stages of their relationship.

Couples therapy can help you achieve your mutual goals, whether you are:

  • A new couple just beginning your story together

  • An established couple facing new challenges or transitions

  • A healthy couple looking to stay that way'

  • A parting couple looking to end a relationship in a healthy and respectful manner

Couples who have worked with Peter McClure have found relief from challenges associated with communication,intimacy, trust, respect, anger and resentment, financial and career pressures, parenting, feeling loved, families of origin, priorities and load-sharing. Couples of all genders and orientations experience safety, trust, and respect when working with Peter McClure.

Couple Holding Hands
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