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Adult Therapy

Modern adulthood is often defined in our society by milestones and achievements (new careers, relationships, children and pets, travel, and location changes). But the reality of being an adult is often less glamorous than those important but isolated moments. Merely functioning in your family, work, and personal life takes tremendous skill, resilience, and hard work. Truly thriving as a whole person means facing and overcoming life's frequent challenges and obstacles of all sizes, finding and nurturing meaning and purpose, and taking care of yourself so you can care for others.

Adults who take care of their mental health perform better at workare less likely to get divorced, and stay physically healthier. By definition, they are also happier, more emotionally resilient, and less angry and anxious. Psychotherapy is one of the most effective and least risky approaches to improve your mental health and satisfaction with your life.

Adults who have worked with Peter McClure have found relief from challenges associated with work and college stress, depression, anxiety, phobias, trauma, anger, emotional regulation, lying, attachment and trust, relationships, family, careers, finding meaning and purpose, and autism-spectrum and Aspergers. Adults of all genders and orientations experience safety, trust, and respect when working with Peter McClure.

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