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Child Therapy

Being a kid should be FUN! But challenging situations at home, school, or with friends can make fun harder to find. Kids have feelings as big or bigger than adults, but fewer tools to cope, express themselves or ask for help. In therapy, kids heal and grow through humor, artistic expression, imagination, and talking. 

For over a decade, Peter McClure made child and teen therapy, counseling, and mental health his primary specialty. He delights in seeing kids find their joy, hope, and laughter while improving their functioning at school, home, and with friends.

Children who have worked with Peter McClure have found relief from challenges associated with depression, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, autism-spectrum and Aspergers, anger, bullying, peer relationships, attachment issues, AD/HD, and behaviors.

Please note that not all children or children's needs are well-suited for video therapy. Younger children, highly active children, or children who find it challenging to express themselves verbally are generally better suited to local, in-person providers.

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